Kettlebell Training – The Best Tool for Weight Loss and Fitness ANYWHERE!

Kettlebells_Color_CodedKettlebells may be one of the oldest tools on the fitness market today, but are still one of the most effective. The modest appearing kettlebell appears to be a low tech, simple piece of training equipment. However, used consistently they can be superior to all of the newest fads at lower cost and convenience to you as well.

The great gift of the kettlebell is that if you need to lose weight and feel great, it can be done at home with just a little bit of space!

Kettlebell workouts significantly increase your fitness level and rip away body fat while conditioning your body and strengthening your joints.

The end result is to give the body of an athlete while improving your overall fitness and self confidence.

Training with Kettlebells

Thousands of people have experienced results all over the globe by training with Kettlebells. They have proven themselves effective if you select the kettlebells and kettlebell workouts to meet your needs. That is one purpose of this site.

You will have unlimited potential training with Kettlebells as long as you stay the course of training your body which is where the home workout DVD routines become critical. Kettle bell training incorporates full body exercises (Compound movements) to maximize and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals faster.

Beginners can start with the Kettlebell swing while incorporating other popular exercises like good mornings, deadlifts, Turkish getups and the clean and jerk.

So where do you start?

Training with Kettlebells can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. You can start with lower weights to get a feel for the proper form and also help establish the program of training for your needs.

Complete beginners can start out with as low as 5 lbs. and work their way up. Woman generally start with lower weights than men so keep that in mind when purchasing your first set.

It is important to take the time to learn how to use them properly so you don’t hurt yourself. Concentrate on the correct form at first, not the weight. This will ensure that you will not over strain or endanger yourself.

You can always move up in weight and number of reps as you progress, but don’t try and rush success. Improper use of kettlebells can be dangerous.

As you develop your form and increase your reps and kettlebell weight, you will very naturally start losing weight while building up your fitness level.

Eventually, you will increase the number of sets you perform each time. However, start out gradually so you will develop a sturdy and stable platform to build from.

Take some time and read over the reviews on this site on kettlebells and the different workout programs and you will be able to decide what is most suitable for your needs.

Kettlebell training used consistently is convenient, fun and much to your delight incredibly effective!

Please take your time and nose around this site.  It offers reviews on products and programs so you can make the right choices in getting started. It is also designed to be informative and educational. Kettlebells are one of the most cost effective ways to keep you fit and firm. Helps melt off fat without building bulk which is particularly good for woman who want to lose weight and firm up but don’t want to bulk up and look masculine.

P.S.- And yes, I do kettlebell myself and very much enjoy it. A fun and dynamic way to keep in shape that almost anyone can do!

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