Absolute Beginners: Kettlebell 3 in 1 With Amy Bento


This workout is as billed. It is designed for beginners. Amy Bento’s techniques in this energetic program are designed for beginners to kettlebells. The Absolute Beginners Kettlebell is called “3 in 1” because the DVD contains three segments. However, it also may be called 3 in 1 because it combines cardio, power/strength and stretching all in the same workout.

  1. The first is a Tutorial component designed to show you a well detailed breakdown of the basic kettlebell moves. She does a very nice job of teaching you to use the whole body which is important.
  2. Next, is the Beginner workout which initiates with a quick stretching and cardio warm-up. It then continues with a complete start-to-finish workout that puts together all the moves covered in the tutorial.
  3. The Intermediate-level workout combines cardio exercises with combination kettlebell moves. The workout keeps your heart rate pumping while you burn calories and gain strength. A very nice stretching routine concludes each segment, rounding out the program and giving you a complete full body workout and cool down.

Kettlebell 3 in 1 Main Features

  •  A workout for those just starting out with exercise programs that stretches into the intermediate level.
  • Clear and precise instruction for safe, yet effective, workouts.
  • Includes cardio and stretching which add to the overall effect and sometimes not given enough attention in other workout programs.
Kettlebell 3 in 1 Summary 



Amy is obviously an experienced and qualified instructor. If you are just getting back into shape her methods would be an easier path to undertake. This DVD would be a good starter for Seniors and those who are out of shape, but even those with some level of fitness who are not familiar with kettlebells will profit because of her integration of cardio and stretching into the kettlebell routines.While this workout is somewhat limited in the amount of moves covered, it will get one going with kettlebells at a level most starters can handle. If you are apprehensive about the kettlebell and want to get started in an achievable way, this would be a good choice to begin with.

“This video is absolutely the way to start in Kettlebells! She has a training section, a beginners and intermediate section. Her form and moves are right on. I started with five pounds and the first time could only get through one circuit. I am doing better now. It is my third day with this. She also has some stretching after the beginning workout. The intermediate section also includes some cardio. And, of course, I hadn’t worked out in a couple of years but feel that this will keep me going. It is fun and short when you are finished you know you have had a workout. I am 69 years old.”
“Absolute Beginners with Amy Bento is awesome! I have a hard time finishing workout dvd’s but this one had the right balance, good workout and user friendly. I highly recommend this to anyone who has not worked out in years and would like to get back in the groove.”
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