The Body Solid Kettlebell Line


 The Body Solid Kettlebell is your basic, no nonsense black iron kettlebell which has been given very solid ratings by almost all of its owners. It is a traditional, cast iron, black kettlebell with a paint covered exterior that holds up very well.

The handles are steel reinforced and are roughly 1 3/8″ throughout with the lightest weights slightly smaller and the heaviest weights slightly larger. The inside handle space is about 3″ which is beefy enough to meet the needs of most owners. The thick handles however do provide a nice grip for the average or larger handed person.

The size ranges are impressive starting at 5 lbs. and going on up to 75 lbs. which pretty much meets the needs of the starter senior citizen to the fitness freak alpha male.

Some users warn that the handle is a bit thicker than most which is something to keep in mind for those with small hands. The handle is smooth but as one owner puts it “not too smooth for when you start sweating”.

Body Solid Kettlebell Features

  • The handles are steel reinforced for durability.
  • The smooth enamel finish is easy on the hands.
  • The large kettlebells have extra large handles for a firm grip.
  • The range of weights will meet the needs of the beginner to the most avid kettlebeller.
  • All Body Solid Kettlebells come with a 2 year guarantee.

Body Solid Summary

The Body Solid Kettlebell line is a high quality cast iron bell that has been well received by its owners. The flexibility of weights make it an excellent choice for all levels from beginner or senior to the most experienced kettlebeller. Here is how one online reviewer (Jane) described them:

“If you are staying abreast of the always changing and evolving world of modern fitness you’ve probably heard of the kettlebell by now….. bought a pair of Body Solid kettlebells off of amazon and starting getting to work with swings, snatches, presses and the Turkish get-up. Kettlebell training has taken mixed martial arts training and combat fitness to another level and I can easily see why after a few weeks of training with them. Body Solid’s kettlebells are your basic, no nonsense black iron kettlebell and the wide, thick handles provide a nice grip. They are about as smooth and shiny as they appear to be in the image. Body Solid’s kettlebells are affordably priced too.”

I think that about says it all. I don’t think you can go wrong with this kettlebell as a high quality, no frills choice.



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