Kettlestack Adjustable Kettlebell- A Bridge Between Free Weights and the Kettlebell



The Kettlestack Adjustable Kettlebell can help you burn fat, build muscle and increase your cardio endurance in one convenient package.

This bridge between the barbell and the kettle bell features a selection of weights that can progress up to 70 lbs.

Important: The weights are not included, but standard weight plates can be used. So, if you making the bridge to kettlebell workouts and have cast iron weights around this set up can put those weights to good use. You can allowing for all of the advantages of the kettlebell workout such as the ability to move the weight easily between the legs and the full bodied nature of a kettlebell workout and not have to let those free weights collect dust.

Some Other Advantages

This is also a unisex model because the same kettlebell can be used for woman or men by simply adjusting the weight to meet the workout needs of the individual. So, it is a good choice for partners or even housemates that wish to share a kettlebell for their workouts.

This kettlebell is also good for those who wish to or need to save space for home use because of its versatile weight range. Only one kettlebell is needed for different weight needs rather than a variety of kettlebells.  It is also good for the kettlebeller who finds themselves shifting between weights often during their workouts as it transforms as easily as a barbell or dumbell.

Kettlestack Adjustable Summary

The nice feature of this set up is that it serves as a bridge between the kettlebell and fixed weight barbell/dumbell set ups. is well constructed. The user should be able to easily adjust the weights of their routines without trouble. Particularly if you are used to adjusting weights with a barbell and dumbell set up.

One can also advance in weight quite easily as you advance in strength without having to buy another kettlebell. This set up truly is a bridge between the free weight and kettlebell worlds. Owners of this bell suggest it particularly for practitioners who switch between weights during their workouts.

As previously noted, this setup is also good for multiple users of either gender because of its weight range flexibility. Manufactured by a dumbell maker, the Cap Adjustable is well constructed of solid cast iron with a semi matte finish which creates a secure grip. This is a nice kettlebell for the committed kettlebeller.

Here is what some owners of this bell have to say about it:

“The main advantage of the kettle stack has been its value. For about 100 dollars, I have two kettlebell handles. I purchased about 30 dollars worth of standard weights. Now, for a total of 130 dollars I have a 35 pound “kettlebell” and a 50 pound bell. When I am ready, I can up the weights with out any problem and have a 50 pount bell and a 70, or two 50’s. Compare that with spending 130 dollars to get one cast iron kettle bell with a set weight!”

A long time user said:

“I ran across this product two years ago while surfing the net. I was interested in trying out kettlebells as an alternative for the dumbbell workouts I was trying. One thing was obvious…the price for a single kettlebell was extremely high!

I had over 400 lbs of standard weight plates in my garage getting rusty and was wondering what to do with them when I discovered the kettlestack. More than one site rated them pretty high, so I purchased one and when I received it immediately constructed a 52 lb kettle bell. I was so impressed that I bought another and upgraded to the mid sized.

After two years of using them, learning proper techniques, and actually taking a class using ‘real’ kettlebells, I see no reason to give them up. They are here to stay.

I have never had a more time efficient way of working strength, muscle endurance, and cardio all at once. I’ve compared them to working out with solid kettlebells and have determined the difference not significant enough for me to invest in them. For me, the Kettlestack more than suffices. Kettlestack has become the foundation of my workout lifestyle.”


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