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Selecting Your Kettlebell- Two Primary Categories

While there are a number of variations on a theme, there are two common types of kettlebells: the cast-iron classic, or fitness kettlebell and the steel competition, or sport kettlebell. In spite of their names, the competition kettlebell can be used for fitness goals and the classic bell can be used for competition. However, there […]


Will the Adjustable Kettlebell Meet Your Needs?

ith the busy schedules that people have these days, saving time is of the essence. Saving money doesn’t hurt either. If your commitment to kettlebells as a permanent part of your fitness training is sincere, then an adjustable kettlebell can meet both of the aforementioned needs. An immediate benefit of the adjustable kettlebell is that […]


Kettlebells and Free Weights- How do they differ?

  here are differences in training with a kettlebell or training with free weights or dumbbells that are subtle yet significant. Let’s take a look at what those differences are and how they impact you. Kettlebells were NOT originally designed as exercise tools. They originated in Europe centered mainly in Russia from a counter weight […]