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Selecting Your Kettlebell- Two Primary Categories

While there are a number of variations on a theme, there are two common types of kettlebells: the cast-iron classic, or fitness kettlebell and the steel competition, or sport kettlebell. In spite of their names, the competition kettlebell can be used for fitness goals and the classic bell can be used for competition. However, there […]


Kettlebell Competitions Continue to Grow- Scottish Open Results

from the Hull Daily Mail  |  original article by Lucy Leeson on February 18, 2014 The kettlebell continues to grow internationally from its roots as a counter weight for produce in Eastern Europe. At the Scottish Open recently 3 members of the Hull Kettlebell Club won gold and silver medals at one of the UK’s biggest kettlebell competition, […]


India Takes to Kettlebelling as the Sport Grows Internationally

he Kolkata Kettlebell Meet 2014 (KKM) witnessed several kettlebell lifters of the city participating in the second edition of the event. Now, whoda thunk that the second annual Kolkata Kettlebell Meet of 2014 would double in size? What began as a small event last year, more than doubled the number of participants this year. Three […]