Getting Started on Using the Kettlebell for Weight Loss

Is it time for you time to get started with your kettlebell weight loss program? Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you approach this fitness tool.

First of all, since a kettlebell workout uses dynamic, whole body movement it works over 400 muscles. A full body, toning workout is generated while fat is burned off, so to speak, by the high metabolic rate. This is an impressive workout impact for any fitness program. Consequently, when performed properly, kettlebell workouts can generate changes relatively quickly while prompting very satisfactory weight loss results.Kettlebell_workout

The nice aspects of using the kettlebell for losing weight is you don’t have to invest in expensive gym equipment or spend long hours working out. Simply setting up a consistent schedule of workouts about 3 times a week or even 2 for starters of about 15 to 30 minutes in duration can be enough to meet your needs.

Since, it is possible to burn as many as four hundred calories by working out for only twenty minutes with the kettlebell, it is very likely to help you in securing your weight loss goals. With your kettlebell efforts you may find that can achieve good weight loss results in a shorter period of time than you may have ever imagined.

The nice thing is that it will not seem like hard work either. Swinging a kettlebell around is actually fun provided you take some precautions in your workouts as previously covered in tips. Granted you will have to use some self discipline to set up and hold to a schedule. However, if you properly motivated and seeing results the discipline part of your program will become less of an obstacle as you see obvious progress. Remember, beginnings are always the hardest part, but consistency is the key to lasting results.

Now, If you couple your workouts with dietary changes and some high power supplements and/or some juicing remedies (to be covered), you will not only shed and shape but it will last for a lifetime as well.

Some Tips Regarding Your Weight Loss Program

If you have any health concerns or are being treated medically, consulting your physician is the first thing that you should do before starting a kettlebell routine. If you are unsure about your physical capabilities, you may need a trainer. However, if you can follow along careful a good kettlebell DVD should be just fine to help you avoid injury during your workouts.

Of course, you will also have to determine which kettlebell is right for you in the beginning. Choosing the correct weight was covered in this post. Sizing up the handle was covered in this post.

There are a wide variety of sizes and weights of kettlebells ranging from as little as five pounds to more than one hundred pounds. This can accommodate the needs of the beginner to the most advanced practitioner. It’s flexibility of movement and low weight availability also makes it easy for women to use.

Since the kettlebell is simply a ball with a flat bottom and a gripping handle, it is a compact workout tool. The wide variety of movements means it can work all of the body which makes it not only flexible but affordable as well. This design additionally allows heavy lifting to be performed even when space is limited making it good for those with limited space such as an apartment dweller.

Your strength will increase with your kettlebell workouts. Of course, you can gradually increase the weight of the kettlebell that is used. This will increase your weight loss impact. However, there is no need to rush the process. A single kettlebell which challenges you at first can be extended in use by varying your exercise selection and amount of reps and still be helping you to shed pounds while toning your body shape.

Physical Impacts to Expect

Using the kettlebell will increase your heart rate, overall metabolic rate and respiration. So you are building muscular strength and calories equally. Since it is a full body tool, it will also help you build lean muscle all of which helps you to lose weight and tone your shape. Hence, fat is reduced and weight dropped during the kettlebell workout. Consequently, some claim that kettlebell workouts will burn fat over six times faster than conventional weight loss exercise programs.

Dietary Adjustments

An important factor for weight loss is the ratio of calories burned to the calories that are being consumed. You can use the kettlebell religiously but you are working against yourself if you don’t make changes in your nutritional intake and dietary choices. You can’t expect rapid or lasting progress without some sacrifices of your favorite foods. You must become aware of the impact of your food choices on your weight and then make different choices.

Attention to the Movements

There are specific postures required when performing exercises with the kettlebell. While performing a workout with the kettlebell, the hips have to be squared. The spine should be kept neutral. That is, it should be naturally erect but not rigid. Your knees should be bent slightly. You should also open the chest up by pulling the shoulders back before beginning your workout.

Lifting the kettlebell requires that the back be naturally arched to prevent injuries while increasing strength in the abdominal muscles. The tightening of the abdomen will make your waistline appear smaller. Get yourself a good DVD or trainer and follow either carefully. Use caution, particularly in the beginning as the posture and movements are mastered when using the kettlebell.

This is a good program that covers in detail the basics of the most primary kettlebell exercise, the kettlebell swing.

Medical Cautions

People suffering from medical conditions should either not work out with the kettlebell or proceed very gradually. Kettlebell exercises can be risky when you are not conditioned to the explosive movements that are required. The use of the kettlebell is not advised for those who have pacemakers or more delicate cardio vascular conditions as it does elevate the heart rate.

As previously cautioned, it is important to consult your physician before beginning the kettlebell workout if you have a medical condition or any doubts about your overall health to ensure that you are in proper physical condition to carry through with your workout program.

Please read the following article on Ten Tips for Kettlebell Safety for some additional pointers which will help you to practice kettlebelling safely.

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