Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution- Fat Loss Emphasis

Kathy’s program is designed to target total body strength and cardio fitness while toning theKathy_Smith_Kettlebell_Workout body for fat loss. Using all of the items in the package, which include 3 and 5 lb. kettlebells, will help you train, sculpt and tone your body. All of the items also means healthy food choices which are included as well.

The program is complete including a wall chart, nutrition solution guide, 4 workout programs and 2 soft, sand filled, kettlebells.

The workout DVD’s each focus on a different area. They include the upper body, buns and thighs, core and fat burning. The fat burning is more aerobic based. All of them are total body workouts for both the lower and upper body.

Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Main Features:

  • Full range-of-motion toning, stretching, strengthening, weight loss, and wellness system designed for all fitness levels
  • Each session takes only 20 minutes including a 5 minute warm up session.
  • The Kettlebell Solution Workout DVD is broken out into four 15-minute sessions- upper body, buns and thighs, core, and fat burning
  • A Nutrition Solution Guide is which covers simple ways to create delicious fat-burning meals with important tips to keep you on track
  • The kit also includes two Soft Kettlebells which are 5 and 3 lbs.

Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Summary

One of the nice points of the Kathy Smith program is that while aiming at a full body workout, they only take 20 minutes for each session. Additionally, the targeted nature of the DVD’s allows you to customize your workouts to emphasize your most pressing needs.

She also includes the very important warm up which forces you to protect yourself before you workout. This is essential to prevent injury for beginners to advanced as well.

I also like the tie in with nutrition so that you do not neglect that very important aspect necessary for losing weight.

One of the shortcomings of this program would be the light weights. However, if you are just getting started these can be good to help you work on form and movement. I would encourage you to work with a heavier weight for better workout results as you adjust to the routines.

Another aspect some reviewers comment on was Kathy’s attention to form. I like Sarah Lurie’s workout program’s because of the attention to form. Her’s is excellent. Another good DVD for the form aspect is Steve Cotter’s programs. Attention to detail in there is an important focus. Nevertheless, the workouts still seem to have value even for those who noted the form issue.

Check out the kettlebell review section for suggestions on selecting kettlebells and this page for suggestions on choosing the right weight. Personally, I lean towards solid iron kettlebells but it is entirely your personal choice that should dictate after weighing all of your options.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout and love Kettlebells!

I don’t care what other people say about this workout. I love love love it! I think it’s worth more money! In fact knowing what I know now, I would pay twice as much….I just think it’s fabulous instruction and an incredible workout. I did go and buy a little ten pound kettlebell (which was practically the same price as this whole package) just to add difficulty… If you do all 4 parts you can get an amazing workout! But I love how they’re broken up 20 minutes at a time. I did the leg workout with my older brother and he was laughing at the dance type warm-up but he didn’t say a word during the workout and afterwards said, “That was a great workout!”

Great for beginners

This workout is pretty awesome for beginners or for those that have been out of the exercise routine for a while. I like that it’s broken down into 4 separate workouts. I’m starting my 4th week and I’ve seen a real difference in my strength. I love the fact that the kettlebells are not cold cast iron weights. I have hardwood floors and these bells have done zero damage. She doesn’t spend a lot of time going over correct form. I think it’s important to make sure you doing the moves correctly yourself.




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