Kettlebell Competitions Continue to Grow- Scottish Open Results

from the Hull Daily Mail  |  original article by Lucy Leeson on February 18, 2014

The kettlebell continues to grow internationally from its roots as a counter weight for produce in Eastern Europe. At the Scottish Open recently 3 members of the Hull Kettlebell Club won gold and silver medals at one of the UK’s biggest kettlebell competition, by swinging the bells, of varying weights, as many times as possible in a set time frame.


Paula Craven, Nick Johnson and Laura Crosby with their gold and silver medals at the Scottish Open in Glasgow.

Three happy winners, Paula Craven, Nick Johnson and Laura Crosby are pictured with their Gold and Silver medals.

Laura, who had only been training for four months prior to the Glasgow competition, was thrilled to win the silver medal in the ladies 8kg snatch competition.

Laura, scored 232 repetitions in just ten minutes, said: “It was absolutely brilliant to win We were the newest club there and we were competing against people from all over the country. It was an amazing experience.

“I have been going to the gym for two years, but only started training for the competition in October, so I am really pleased with what I have achieved so far.”

Hull Kettlebell Club, the city’s first GSU-affiliated club, opened at Improve Fitness in Sutton Fields in October.

It was co-founded by Nick Johnson from Improve Fitness, who walked away from Glasgow with a silver medal in the men’s 20kg biathlon competition.

Nick, 30, said: “I decided to set up the club as there was nothing similar in the area. Kettlebell training is a really good way of getting a cardio and strength workout in one.

“The bell is really easy to handle and you can burn a lot of calories in just half-an-hour. You don’t have to be a member of a gym either to use one, as you can do all the exercises at home.”

Next up for Hull Kettlebell Club is the GSU English Open, which will be hosted by Manchester Kettlebell Club in April. This will be followed by GSU Welsh open in June and the GSU British open later in the year.

Nick said: “I am really proud of everyone who took part in the Glasgow competition. All their hard work and training has really paid off and now they can’t wait for the next competition in April.”

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