Ten Tips for Kettlebell Safety and Common Sense

Common sense and good judgement should be used with all your kettlebell workout routines.



  1. First of all, start with a low weight and work on your form. Practice the movements with little or even no weight until you feel comfortable. Once you feel comfortable with the movement, you can increase your weight gradually. Don’t let pride be your guide but rather use common sense and self awareness.
  2. Wear flat soled shoes since many kettlebell movements require you to shift weight to the heels. A shoe with an elevated heel will not allow you to exercise with proper form and could compromise your balance during the movement putting you in danger of injury.
  3. If you feel in trouble, drop the kettlebell. If you lose control of a kettlebell in mid-swing or mid-movement direct the kettlebell away from your body and let it go. Your physical well being is the most important issue.
  4. Be careful around others. Exercise away from other people and be especially careful around unpredictable pets and children. It is best to keep them out of the vicinity of your workouts.
  5. Try to keep about 15 to 20 feet clearance around your workout area. This may not always be possible. If not, you need to be especially vigilant and self aware of your movements and fatigue level.
  6. Train on a surface that won’t be damaged by a dropped kettlebell. The clearance space recommended above can also prevent physical damage to your surroundings should you have to suddenly release a kettlebell to protect yourself.
  7. During the workout period, give the kettlebell your full attention. Focus on proper form and technique to increase your attention to the workout.
    Balance your workouts by using both sides of the body. For example, if you do a clean and snatch on the left, repeat it on the right.
  8. When the kettlebell is overhead, face the palm forward.
  9. Don’t work to the point of fatigue. However, don’t relax the body until you have completed the set and placed the kettlebell on the floor.
  10. Keep moving after a strenuous set. This helps reduce muscular fatigue. A relaxed walk about while breathing a little more deeply will do.


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