Kettlebell Training and Athletes- even High Performance Pros

Is kettlebell training suitable for athletes, even high level ones? Well, as it turns out, they can be a great addition to an athletes training regimen and offer highly transferable benefits. Plus, they are easy to add to your current weight training routine.  Some benefits include:

  • You can mimic the movements needed in your sport to enhance your performance.
  • Kettlebell workouts lead to increases in not only strength but also in cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The dynamic aspect of kettlebell training contributes to all 3 of the above.
  • Kettlebells strengthen both the joints and the muscles, which helps athletes sustain less injuries.
  • Kettlebells can also offer a novel alternative for athletes training routines because it not only engages different muscle groups but also breaks up your fitness workout routines. This can help make getting in shape an easier task to handle. Athletes in fact may find that they look forward to the kettlebell part of their training regimen because it is fun while generating all of the other benefits mentioned above.

The bottom line is that active athletes can also benefit  significantly from kettlebell exercises because the movements are more fluid and can translate more effectively to the demands of their sport. For example, Burst power can be developed through the dynamic kettlebell exercises which can be transferred to performance on the field. Imagine the natural transference of the power and muscles needed during a swing to the skills and movements needed by an offensive or defensive lineman for example or a runner out of the blocks.

At the same time, the stamina of an athlete can also be enhanced with simple interval training which is joint friendly due to being low impact. Steve Cotter’s Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting- Volume 1 has a wide range of kettlebell exercises that can be adapted to specialty workouts special workouts to meet the needs of athletes from football players to runners. If you are unfamiliar with kettlebells start with Volume 1 for an in depth treatment of the basics and many variations you can use to fine tune your training with as your conditioning advances. In Volume 2, Steve builds on the basics with a wide variety of variations and intensifies your routines.

You may also want to consider Kettlebell Rx: The Complete Guide for Athletes and Coaches as a reference for athletes as well.


Steve Cotter - Vol 1

Steve Cotter - Vol 2



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