Kettlebell Workout for Pitchers to Prevent Injuries

As mentioned in my last post, the shoulders are key areas for many athletes. Baseball pitchers in particular are susceptible to shoulder injuries and surgery. Unfortunately, shoulder injuries and pitchers are quite common.

While it is important to balance rest and use, the best thing a pitcher can do to prevent injuries is to use lighter weight kettlebells and higher but not excessive reps.  A workout by Rick Scarpulla, a skilled strength and conditioning coach who helps develop top athletes from high school to the pros is excellently designed to strengthen the shoulder joint muscles if done within the proposed limitsKettlebell-_ShoulderExercise-Pitchers.

Rick runs through a series of 3 exercises in the video which you can watch here.

To avoid overworking your shoulders, do these exercises every three days. Use light weight and perform a moderate to high number of reps (10-15).

Caution: Overuse, whether on the field or in the weight room, is unproductive for the shoulders. Don’t use the “if a little is good, a lot must be better” approach when working your shoulders. That is not how it works.

Consistent application of these exercises every 3 days and using the lighter weight and higher number of reps is best. The idea is to condition not over stress an already heavily used part of the body.

Bear in mind that there are other areas of the body that pitchers need to develop as well. For example, strong legs, hips and glutes will not only develop pitching power but also help take stress off of the shoulders as well.

Kettlebells with their dynamic movement emphasis and whole body musculature involvement make an excellent tool for the pitcher to use in developing all of the aforementioned areas of the body. After all, it is the dynamic movement of the pitcher that delivers the baseball. By using kettlebell workouts you are developing your musculature in a coordinated manner that works quite naturally with the dynamic movements good pitching requires.

This routine and others are highly useful as conditioning routines to help develop the fitness level of a pitcher while conditioning the overall body musculature in a whole body manner to help prevent serious potentially career end injury. Check out the suggested program reviews above for some useful suggestions on workout programs or stop by the Ultimate Advantage Gym if you are in the NY area for a customized hands on program with Rick.

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