Marcy VKBS50 50-Pound Kettlebell Weight Set

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The Marcy VKBS50 50-Pound Kettlebell Weight Set is a grouping of cast iron kettlebells which offers lots of flexibility in one package because of the nice variety of kettlebell weights. The 5 lb. weight makes them accessible to beginners including woman. However, the 20 lb. weight is suitable for most men’s needs as well.

These bells are solid, machine finished cast iron. However, they also include the additional feature of a protective rubber coating to avoid scratching or denting them and some protection for your floors.Marcy_50_lb_Set

The Marcy VKBS50 50-Pound Kettlebell Weight Set is a very popular set of kettlebell weights. As pictured, there are 4 separate kettlebells which range in weight from a 5 pound, 10 pound and 15 pound weight to a 20 pound kettlebell which completes the set. As mentioned above, each kettlebell is made from solid cast iron with a protective rubber coating for the bell and some protection for your floors. Of course, if you drop a hunk of iron on unprotected floors it will cause some damage regardless of the coating. However, the solid cast iron does offer greater quality and is more durable than cement filled kettlebells.

Marcy VKBS50 50-Pound Kettlebell Weight Set Main Features

  •  A set of high quality kettlebells totalling 50 pounds.
  •  4 different weight sizes including 5, 10, 15 and 20 pounds for a total of 50 pounds.
  •  Constructed of high quality solid cast iron for durability that is vinyl coated for safety.
  •  Each weight is clearly marked on the front of the kettlebell to help you choose quickly and correctly.
  •  The set also includes an exercise chart for form and variety.

Marcy VKBS50 50-Pound Kettlebell Weight Set Summary

If you’re looking for a flexible kettlebell set in one package, then the Marcy VKBS50 50-Pound Kettlebell Weight Set may be just what you need. The 4 different size weights will will allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises. The solid cast iron which is protected with a rubber coating makes this a quality set which can last a lifetime. The set comes with an exercise chart to so you can visualize a good variety of exercises for your workouts. Overall, this is an excellent quality set of weights at a very affordable and competitive price.

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