Portable Kettlebell? The New Koreball System Kettlebell

Travel a lot but still want to keep up with your kettlebell workouts? It’s pretty inconvenient to have to lug a 25, 30 or 35 kettleball around with you along with all the rest of your luggage. Not to mention the bells and whistles you would set off when your carry-on was run through the airport scanner. Or the added fees you incurred with the extra weight since overweight baggage adds cost when traveling on airlines these days.

Not to worry however. Even the most dedicated kettlebeller can do it with the new Koreball system kettlebell. While it’s certainly not your standard looking kettlebell, it certainly can do the trick in a pinch and keep you up with your fitness routines even while traveling in a plane, train or automobile.

The Koreball Kettlebell in Action

The Koreball Kettlebell in Action

The Koreball kettlebell is a collapsible, portable kettlebell workout system which can be used for an on-the-go full-body workout. You can still keep up with your cardiovascular, fat burning workout and continue to burn fat, build lean muscles and tone the body, while also improving flexibility, balance and strength even while traveling.

Some of the advantages of this unique bell are:

  • The leak proof bladder is filled with water (11 lbs.) or sand (20 lbs.) for portability.
  • The comfortable dual handles offer wide variety for workout routines.
  • It is collapsible and compact for travel making it easy to carry in your luggage.

Once used, it is a snap to pack your Koreball back up for travel. You simply:

1. Unscrew the 4 screws to remove each bladder and remove the filler cap.

2. Empty the water out and press bladder on a firm surface. Then replace filler cap back onto the bladder.

3. Fasten each bladder back onto the handle with the 4 screws.

4. Place Koreball in your travel bag and you are ready to go.

However, while this appears to be a good idea, I do see some problems with it as well. First of all, it is bulkier than the typical cast iron kettlebell. I would find it hard to maneuver when doing figure 8’s or even a good swing.

It is on the light side. Eleven pounds may work for a beginner but ain’t much to work with for someone experienced or even moderately fit from kettlebell workouts.

Still, it is an interesting concept. Check out the reviews on Amazon as they appear to be pretty favorable. Perhaps increased reps would make up for the lower weight for those who workout regularly already.

It apparently also comes with a storage bag and workout videos which people find useful. Find out more about the Koreball system here:

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