Quick Progress Report – My Kettlebell Experience So Far

Well, should have been more active here, but been really pushed with projects. Just wanted to give you a brief report on my progress with kettlebells. I’ve been using a 20 lb. cast iron kettlebell and Sarah Lurie’s Iron Core Kettlebell Workout DVD’s. I am not a spring chicken so I started light. I am about 5′ 6″ and a normal weight for my height. Maybe even a bit under the standard.

First of all, its good and bad. The bad first.

It has been hard to get more than 2 workouts per week. I am in the private sector and like many of us in that sector are being pushed hard at work due to short staffing. So after a very full day, it takes a lot of motivation to come home squeeze in a workout and make dinner etc. If I manage to do it once a week I am lucky. I always get at least one workout in on the weekend.

The good.

It’s been fun! I lifted weights when I was younger and always found that I would invariably pull a muscle after building up to a certain point. Kettlebell workouts seem nothing like that. The dynamic swinging motions and full body engagement create an even muscular development and do not overly focus on a particular set of muscles. I have found that my progress has been comprehensive and after about 2 months now, not a pull in sight. And as I mentioned the workouts have been fun to perform.

I have found the kettlebell workouts to be comprehensive not only in body development but also involve the cardio vascular system. Using Sarah’s program (which has been great btw!) I find myself breathing hard and even sweating a bit by the end of it. So I am getting a cardio workout along with a toning and fitness muscular workout. Kind of a surprise. My conclusion is that it is the dynamic swinging movements that are doing it. You find yourself moving more than you thought.

A Few Personal Observations on My Progress

I do push ups and pull ups on alternating days in the morning. My pushups have gone from 20-25 to 40 with no strain. My pull ups have gone from 4 to 8. Again with no strain. Definitely gotta be the kettlebell workouts! So from personal experience I would say that I have gained strength.

My chest, leg, arm and butt muscles have improved. My chest has increased a bit and I stand taller. A knee that was bothering me has subsided significantly. Still a bit twingey but much better. My leg strength has improved as well and I can squat and stand much more easily now which is helpful to my work since I am in IT and crawl under desks to work on and move around pc’s.

I can also run more easily now. Generally, for short distances of less than a quarter mile. I really shouldn’t be doing that but hey sometimes those trains don’t accommodate slow walkers. Anyway feels nice to be able to do that anyway. Makes me feel young again.


Kettlebell workouts have been great! Glad that I am doing them and am noticing good progress in a short time. And I am very moderately pushing it. If I managed 3 workouts a week consistently the progress would be significant I am sure.

The other thing that is nice is that it absolutely can be done in the home without a lot of space and equipment. If you stretch and warm up a bit, you will not harm yourself.

Some Tips

Start light and focus on your form. Pay careful attention to whatever instructor you are following. Mimic their form as well. Once you get your form down then increase the weight.

You can do this on your own at home in your own time. Just pay attention to the instruction and yourself. Focus during the workouts on form to prevent injury. Most of all, enjoy!

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