RKC Russian Style Kettlebell




The Official RKC Kettlebell is designed after the Russian style kettlebell. It is made of solid cast iron and considered military-grade. It is a very durable, resilient bell which with a trusted design to provide you with years, if not a lifetime, of training use. The weight array is such that even experienced or high level athletes will find weights that will provide them with explosive gains in strength, endurance and power.

The 16kg (35lbs.) RKC Russian Kettlebell is Dragon Door’s most popular kettlebell but smaller and larger sizes are available to fit almost all needs. This is the kettlebell that Dragon Door and Russian Pavel Tsatsouline used to re-introduce kettlebells in the United States.

Sarah Lurie, author of Kettlebells for Dummies, and former kettlebell competitor and current kettlebell studio owner and trainer featured in the Iron Core Kettlebell Workout (see reviews on this excellent and challenging workout DVD for men or woman which is a steal) highly recommends the RKC kettlebells because of their durability, design and versitility for a wide range of users. As a nationally recognized trainer with kettlebell studios in California, Sarah’s recommendations are based on long term experience and of proven value.


RKC Russian Style Kettlebell Features

  •  Solid one piece cast iron provides secure handles which will not break off.
  • A bell with time-tested durability and design modeled after the original Russian bell.
  • The grip on this bell has proven utility for a large number of different users
  • Made from highest quality materials to exacting specifications to provide accurate weight and balance.
  • The weight of the kettlebell is in lbs. and kilograms marked on each bell.

RKC Russian Style Kettlebell Summary

The RKC Russian Style Kettlebell is the real deal. This authentic looking bell is appropriate for the beginning user to the power lifting professional athlete. If you are seriously interested in fitness and kettlebells then this is the bell you want. If you choose the correct weight this bell will last for as long as you do. Remember kettlebell workouts can be altered to provide workouts that give you benefit even using the same weight through a wide variety of exercises, repetitions and even the grip on the bell so one carefully chosen weight can serve your needs for quite some time.

While this kettlebell is more expensive, Sarah Laurie encourages you “to buy a kettlebell that’s made well and with the precision of an authentic RKC kettlebell is definitely worth the cost.” If you are on a budget, this is not the bell for you. However, if you are serious about kettlebells and fitness this is an investment that you will not regret which will serve you faithfully for a lifetime of workouts.

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