SKOGG System Kettlebell Workout 5 DVD Set


Many good reviews of users of the Skogg System Kettlebell Workout 5 DVD Set attest to the claim that this program can get you in the best shape of your life while you have fun getting it done to boot. All you need is a kettlebell, enough room to swing it and the SKOGG System.

Michael Skogg’s innovative workout program engages your entire body through a unique combination of kettlebell movements designed to get your body moving as a whole! This whole body approach is crafted to “re-connect” your muscles so they start working together again.  Your body will perform the way it was meant to perform. And, you will look better than ever!

The good news is that anyone can do it!  Men, women, elite athletes, and even beginners. Start at any level by choosing the size of your kettlebell, the length of time and the tempo of your workout.

Additionally, you don’t need to switch between cardio and weight training.  The SKOGG System is designed to challenge your muscular and cardiovascular system simultaneously. It also helps burn more calories while you strengthen and sculpt your body more quickly and efficiently than any other workout. It’s a full body workout in less than an hour.

Skogg System Kettlebell Workout Main Features

  • It combines your cardio and weight training in one workout.
  • It is designed to burn more calories than any other system
  • The warm up, workout and cool down can be done in less than one hour
  • Anyone can do it by choosing the size of the kettlebell, time and tempo of workout!
  • Reviewers of the system, including seasoned kettlebellers, highly praise this system (See Amazon reviews page)

Skogg System Kettlebell Workout Summary

Excerpts from Amazon reviews pretty much say it all:

“I first started with Kettlebells about a year ago, starting with other dvd workouts, I did like the workouts, but could never stick with it and  would go back to standard weight lifting and step aerobics. I got this  system after hearing so many good things about it on another website and  I have been following the included workout plans for the past 3 weeks, I  am now on week 4 and have been loving it!”
“I’ve been swinging a kettlebell for years and I’m here to tell you this system ROCKS! It’s nice to see a workout by someone who really knows what he’s doing. I’ve found that many people out there think they know how to swing a bell properly but they really don’t have a clue…  If you are one of those people who thinks this may be easy let me say that level 4 brought me to my knees. Don’t let this scare you, with 4 levels on every disk, the Skogg System is awesome for people at all levels of fitness. This system is getting folks in shape for real.”
“As someone who teaches Kettlebells regularly, I am always checking out books and DVD’s and constantly learning new ways of teaching and explaining techniques and communicating those techniques to varieties of  people. While Skogg might lack TV personality type energy, his instruction is spot on. He is very technical, explains the intricacies of each movement  and how it builds upon the previous move. Kettlebell DVD’s with  workouts that kick your butt are a dime a dozen, but finding quality instruction isn’t nearly as common. This is a great DVD for beginners and experienced Kettlebell users alike.”

If you are serious about Kettlebell workouts, the Skogg system seems to be one that is worth using. Check it out on Amazon for more reviews and details.

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