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Kettlebell Training and Athletes- even High Performance Pros

s kettlebell training suitable for athletes, even high level ones? Well, as it turns out, they can be a great addition to an athletes training regimen and offer highly transferable benefits. Plus, they are easy to add to your current weight training routine.  Some benefits include: You can mimic the movements needed in your sport […]


The Kettlebell Swing: Basic but Important

The kettlebell swing is the heart and soul of Kettlebell training. The swing can be done with either one or both hands. The swing uses the muscles of your posterior chain or the hips, hamstrings, back and core. The basic motion is to swing the Kettlebell out in front of you and then back down […]


Selecting the Right Kettlebell Weight

etermining the correct weight to start out your kettlebell workout routines is important. Too much and you pull muscles or otherwise hurt yourself and give up kettlebelling forever. Too little and you will end up doing nothing meaningful to reduce fat or increase fitness and convince yourself that kettlebell workouts are a waste of time […]