The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout- For Climbers?

Kettlebell_Extreme_Workout_1My son, an avid rock climber and fitness freak, stopped by for a visit on the weekend and brought along The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout video. I let him use my bell and he went through the whole video, all 6 workouts. I used a lighter bell and followed along for the ride for most of it anyway.

I must say, it was a bit challenging but fun as well! My son just recently started with kettlebells and loves this one. He has been experiencing a bit of a lower back problem but tells me that he thought that might hinder his workouts. To his surprise, the opposite happened! He tells me that the workouts have in fact helped his back and he now has less of a problem than before. Whoda thunk?

Turns out the overall conditioning of the workouts built the muscles around the lower back and he is feeling much better than before. Yes folks, kettlebells do work.

The other nice thing is that he is not dependent on a gym membership (He does belong to the local rock climbing gym however.) to perform his workouts. Fact is, he came for a visit, brought his DVD and was able to do his workout and work out with his Dad as well. Two birds with one stone I guess.

The Workout

The workout is called The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout: Awaken the Athlete Within. Keith Weber, BScPT, RKC put it together. It all takes place on the beach and of course, physical therapist Keith, with his blonde hair and finely conditioned body rubs that in, so to speak. Kidding aside, the pace and his enthusiasm as well as the setting makes this workout an engaging one that is easy to follow. The beach and blonde hair help, not hinder your motivation.

There are 6 workout routines and a Core Workout/Cool down to end it. My son of course did it all. I sat some of it out being new to the regime. You can pick and choose as you wish to suit your needs. The routines are:

The Manmaker

Begin with a series of challenging, hi-octane drills: 10 thrusters/side, 10 clean and presses/side, then 10 overhead squats/side, 10 windmills/side, and finally 10 swings or snatches/side.

The Upper Body Blast

Continue with a blistering series of upper body oriented exercises strung together in push-pull fashion. This prevents over-emphasizing one particular movement pattern and the variety helps avoid burn out. One side of the body, preferably the non-dominant side, is worked first, then the other. The exercises include, in order, windmills, push presses, cleans, clean and presses, rowing, pushups, upright rowing, then finally the hot potato drill.

The Leg Burner

This one could be called the lung burner as well because of the intensity of this series. Expect a good workout for the leg area. Be prepared… 10 overhead sq/side, 10 squat kicks/side, 10 overhead lunges/side, 10 tactical lunges/side, 10 swings/side, and finally 20 body weight squats.

The Swing Workout

Pound out a series of swing variations interspersed with the hot potato drill to allow the hip and thigh muscles to recover a bit. This one keeps the heart rate high and works the core as well. The swing variations include one handed swings, high pulls, clean and presses, cleans, then back to standard swings.

The Slingshot

Next is a between the legs pass variation of the Slingshot which is performed between sets of 2 handed drills including squats, overhead push presses, tactical lunges, thrusters.

The Turkish Getup

A “nice” way to finish off. 5 sets per side consisting of 2 getups, 2 overhead squats, 2 windmills, then 10 swings (2 handed) before switching sides and repeating the sequence. A good focus training as it is difficult to breathe, concentrate on form, and keep pushing through the fatigue at this stage of the training session. An excellent routine done on its own if you want.

Core Workout/Cooldown

End with this highly demanding routine designed to build up those pre-fatigued core muscles and tone your cardiovascular system to boot. You’ll feel this one but it is worth it.


Extreme 2- FYI Good Reviews! Same Price.

If you are just starting with this one: simply use lighter bells to start with. That’s what I did and I still got some good value from it.

Here is a review that gives a nice summary:

“This is great stuff. I have worked out with steps, TaeBo, Hip Hop, Turbo Jam, this, that and every other gimmick. This is the REAL way to workout and GET RESULTS. I am 63 years old, had back surgery, have arthritis just about everywhere, but after using kettlebells, I hardly have any pain or stiffness anymore. I’ve lost weight, toned, and balance better and I’m much stronger than ever.”      —Brenda Marciniszyn, Delaware, MD

A good one check it out here for more reviews and an intro video. Only $29.95 here but $99.95 on Amazon.



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