The Kettlebell Swing: Basic but Important

The kettlebell swing is the heart and soul of Kettlebell training. The swing can be done with either one or both hands. The swing uses the muscles of your posterior chain or the hips, hamstrings, back and core.

The basic motion is to swing the Kettlebell out in front of you and then back down in between your legs in a single continuous motion. You can think of it as like a pendulum motion.

Surprisingly, this simple exercise used regularly can produce some fantastic benefits when you coupled with the power of the kettlebell.

  • The workout efficiency you get when you use swings are superb. You to combine both cardiovascular and resistance training into a complete power packed workout.
  • Your back, glutes and hamstrings will begin to develop and strengthen.
  • Traditional weight training has often overlooked the importance of core muscle training. This exercise does not.
  •  Core muscle development is  crucial not just for athletes but for the “average Joe” that has to bend, twist, and lift doing everyday things including driving to the grocery store or even holding the kids.

Cap_Barbell_Kettlebell_workoutIf your knees are not your best friend or you just don’t like jogging, the kettlebell swing used repetitively will give you an awesome cardiovascular workout.  And don’t think it will take a long time either. Even the most extreme cardio aficionados will benefit from Kettlebell swings and will find that intervals of 20 seconds of work and rest 10 done 2, 3 or 4 times will do the trick quite nicely.

When you perform Kettlebell swings remember to tighten your abs, core and glutes at the top of the swing which will provide a sturdy platform for your other muscles and boost the benefits of the swing.

Swings are also great for your back because they build up your back from the top to the bottom. You are not only engaging the muscles in your lower back but also in your traps and lats (chest areas).

Kettlebell swings are also a great fat burner and toner for your body. There are studies and facts out there that prove real fat burning happens when you train at higher intensity levels. Swings make it fun to do that kind of training.

Remember to start off gradually as you incorporate Kettlebell swings into your training regimen. Before you know it, you will start to look and feel healthy and lean. And if you develop the body of a Greek god or godess in the process, who will complain….right?

Note:  See the video page for a video of the two handed swing and specific tips on performing it correctly.

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