Kettlebell Exercise Video- One Arm Clean

The one arm clean is a way of mounting the kettlebell up to the shoulder. It is the clean part of the squat, clean and press exercise recommended for athletes in my post on athletes. It is also a foundational exercise that has value in and of itself in working the glutes, core and arms. This position is also called the “racked” position. The palm can face inwards. When you press up in the military press it will rotate to face the front.

To view the video in full screen, right click on the video and then select “Pop Out” which brings up the video in a separate window. Then, start the video and use the icon on the bottom right to expand it to full page. If the video is black, you can view it in the thumbnail mode without problem.

Tips: Unfortunately, while this video shows the basic movement the form of the exerciser needs adjusted. You will note that the kettlebell strikes the exercisers wrist on each move harder than I believe it should. You can prevent this from happening by selecting the right weight, keeping the kettlebell close to the body as you bring it up. (Sara Lurie of Iron Core Kettlebell says, “Think of it like zipping and unzipping your jacket.”) I would also suggest facing the palm inwards in this position.

Also keep the elbow in tight to the body as you raise the bell. Additionally, one way of protecting your wrists by the way is to use the wrist band which you can find a description of on this site.

An additional way to add control to this movement to protect the wrists is to “crush” the handle as you perform the movement, particularly when you swing it behind. This will give you more control over the kettlebell movement and also increase your focus.