Kettlebell Exercise Video- Half Turkish Get Up

Strengthens the chest, arm and core muscles. Good for working into the full Turkish Get Up which brings your legs more fully into the exercise.

To view the video in full screen, right click on the video and then select “Pop Out” which brings up the video in a separate window. Then, start the video and use the icon on the bottom right to expand it to full page.

I would like to have shown the full Turkish Get Up but do not have a video of that yet. I hope to make one in the future.

The full Get Up engages your legs and core more fully and is a challenge for beginners and seniors. The Half Get Up however is useful and will help in building the arm and chest muscles as well as toning the stomach or core muscles and is a good way to work towards the full Get Up.

Note: There are variations on this exercise which include bending the leg on the side that you are holding the kettlebell on. Additionally, you should place the kettlebell beside your head while on the floor and roll towards it and mount it in the upwards position with both hands. Use both hands to lower it as well. These suggestions are simply for your safety to prevent injury.