Will the Adjustable Kettlebell Meet Your Needs?

With the busy schedules that people have these days, saving time is of the essence. Saving money doesn’t hurt either.Adjustable Kettlebell_40

If your commitment to kettlebells as a permanent part of your fitness training is sincere, then an adjustable kettlebell can meet both of the aforementioned needs.

An immediate benefit of the adjustable kettlebell is that it enables the kettlebeller to create their own customized gym in one location. If space is at a premium, an adjustable kettlebell with its weight flexibility is a good choice.

It is important to choose the appropriate weight for a kettlebell to begin your workout program. However, as you progress that initial weight will change, especially for beginners, as your strength and stamina grows.

It is recommended that beginners start with a lighter weight to perfect their form and pace of movements. You don’t want to remain there however and likely will not. You may even surprise yourself as you progress more quickly than you thought you would.

Grows Along with You

The adjustable kettlebell enables you to change weight as you progress without having to purchase new equipment. You can start light for form development and then easily adjust the weight according to your exercise or workout needs as you see fit.

Additionally, for convenient travel purposes, you only need one piece of equipment in place of multiple kettlebell weights. So there is no excuse to stop workouts because you couldn’t manage to take along all of the equipment when one size fits all needs, so to speak.

Having looked at the available adjustable kettlebells in some depth, overall the Cap Adjustable Kettlebell seems to have garnered the highest ratings from users. Now granted, it will cost more than some of the other adjustable models but it offers a good range of weight and is a very solid cast iron construction as well which over time makes it well worth your investment.

A Unisex Model for Couples or Multiple Users Who Kettlebell

Owners of this model note that it is solidly built but easy to use and adjust. It also makes a nice purchase for the couple or roommates sharing workout space who kettlebell as this weight can easily be adjusted from lighter for one workout person and heavier for the other as needed, quite quickly and easily as the video on Amazon demonstrates.

So. if an adjustable model is what you are looking for, I think you will find the Cap Adjustable right up your alley.

Features of the :

  • Solid Cast Iron Construction
  • Good range of weight from low to high
  • Easily adjusted
  • Compact kettlebell shape
  • A convenient bridge between dumbbells and barbells to the kettlebell world
  • Unisex for couples because of the weight range and ease of use

Take a look and read the reviews and watch the video on Amazon and see what you think.

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